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Four Non Blondes’ 1993 smash “What’s Up?” isn’t exactly the kind of song that leaps to mind when you think “horror movie trailer.” But in the new teaser for the first slate of thrillers in Blumhouse Production’s Welcome to Blumhouse series, the familiar strains of Linda Perry’s iconic chorus simmer beneath an array of unsettling, gruesome and chilling scenes.

The version of “What’s Up?” featured in the trailer isn’t the original, but a haunting new one by Toronto-based singer-songwriter Fjøra. Blumhouse and Amazon had reached out to Perry to use “What’s Up?” in the clip to promote the first four Welcome to Blumhouse films (there will be eight in total), and it was Perry who immediately suggested Fjøra tackle the project.

As Perry notes to Rolling Stone, such drastic reimaginings of well-known songs for trailers aren’t uncommon, particularly in the horror genre: “It’s these very classic melodies turned into suspenseful thrillers, and that’s why Fjøra was the prime suspect to do it,” she says. “You don’t know her, and you will start investigating her, but she’s not trying to sound like a trailer. It’s just her sound — very cinematic and theatrical.”

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“She was the last one that walked through the door. I loved her personality right away. She was very confident, very direct. She knew what she wanted...I was just like, ‘Holy shit. Where the fuck have you been?’” - Linda Perry

Image by Sašo Tušar


"A raw, rule-breaking artist who reaches far beyond contemporary genres for inspiration..."

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